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Full Video Course with Travel Workouts

I've filmed a video course teaching everything I know about Travel Workouts, fitness philosophy & mindset, doing it efficiently, and how to keep it fun. Plus tons of LIVE 300 workout examples, so you can just hit play and follow along.

90-day Workout Challenge

New Members hit the ground running with the 90-day 300 Challenge.  This means doing a 300 or other workout, 4 or 5 or 6 -days a week, what ever goal you set, for 90 days. Proof must be shown via daily IG story or photo log.  

Accountability Tribe

Shared Group Calendar w/ daily checkboxes. Group Messenger Chat. Private FB Group. Weekly Group Progress hangouts. This is not just another course. It's a support Tribe, designed to keep everyone driven and CONSISTENT thru 90 days, and finally set NEW habits for life!

An Accountability Tribe for Fitness

It's not a secret that the #1 thing that get's people to do sh*t is social accountability. So as an influencer in the space, I'm bringing motivated people together so we can kick each other in the ass to stay on track to be the fittest we can be!

Choose Your Destiny

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You're on your own!

Nothing included but yourself.




PER 3 MONTHS, cancel any time

90-Day Challenge

Accountability Group

Mastermind Calls

Group Chat

Shared Workout Calendar

Video Workout Library





FOR THE FIRST 3 MONTHS, THEN $297 PER 3 MONTHS, cancel any time

Includes everything PLUS the 30-day Sugar Detox Challenge accountability group & how-to guide.



Full 'At Home' Workout Course 

  • Note: This will be an ongoing release. I've filmed a bunch already, but it won't be complete til later in the year.
  • Welcome, Mindset & Rules [3 videos]
  • What's a 300 Workout: Basics [6+ videos]
  • Bodyweight Movements Glossary
  • Build Your Own 300 Workout
  • Live 300 Workouts [ongoing library]
  • 300 Workouts in the Gym [5+ videos]
  • The Shredding Program [5+ videos]
  • How to Eat Clean without Being Super Crazy [4+ videos]
  • Intermittent Fasting? [3+ videos]
  • The Truth About the Health Industry [2+ videos]
  • How to Hack your Fitness [2+ videos]
  • Advanced Shredding Techniques [4+ videos]
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90-day Workout Challenge 

New members hit the ground running with the done-for-you 90 day workout challenge. This means you have to hit your weekly workout goals for 90 days. If you fail, there will be punishments. If you succeed, there will be rewards. We will mastermind as a group to come up with good rewards & punishments. 

Inside the course is a done-for-you 90-day workout plan that you can follow to the T each day. Plus a SIMPLE philosophy of how to eat. So there's no thinking involved. Just get down and do it!

After the 90-day Challenge, we start a new 90-day Challenge. With even bigger rewards, and of course punishments for falling off! This is how it works!

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Accountability Tribe.

An Accountability Tribe. A Mastermind Group. A Team. A School. A Class. Whatever you wanna call it, this was designed to be like a business mastermind group, but for fitness. 

Everyone knows its hard to stick to daily workouts when you're by yourself. Now we can virtually hang our with each other daily, and keep each other driven to check off our workouts daily, especially on those slow says when we just aren't feelin it.


  • Shared Group Calendar with daily checkboxes
  • Rewards & Punishments
  • Group Chat
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Accountability Hangouts
  • Yearly Meetups around the world - on a Festival Weekend of our choice
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